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Shanghai Hsinsou Auxiliary Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Hsinsou Auxiliary is a full-owned subsidiary of the Grand Citrus(HK) Int'l Holdings Co., Ltd. It's a comprehensive high-tech enterprise, specializing in chemical product research, development and production.

Our main products are the various raw meterials of the daily chemical industry. We have two advanced automatic production lines, invested nearly 10 million to set up R&D center and has established colse cooperation and scientific research with universities such as Sichuan Unierversity, Fudan University, etc. We have professional technical team who is able to provide quickly supports to our customers. 

Corporate culture( vision, core values)

Corporate vision: increasing the speed of R&D, providing international first class products.

Core valures: honesty and trustworthiness, continuous transcendence, team work, sense of owernship and responsibility.

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